Speed & Ethics

We are open, constructive and practical. Projects are not prolonged unnecessarily. Candidates are presented within 6 weeks from the project approval. We work faster and  our fix costs are significantly lower than others claim. All candidates get handled properly so your brand is always safe with us.

Multicultural Experience and Know-How

We are professionals, experienced head-hunters with certification at the international level in Executive Search and Recruitment. All partners are specialized in the HR field and had successfull career in various top management positions in the international companies in the field of sales, marketing, HR, COO or CEO. We do understand various specifics and requirements of different clients.

Focused on Results and Client´s Success

We do not like solution with the “side effects.” Therefore, each project analyses the demands from client and our clients are asked for open negotiation, which is always fully respected. Our advice and solutions must contribute to the success of the client. We are fully involved in the whole project and never running more than a maximum of 3 assignments. We work with clients only on exclusive terms.

Affordable Price and Project Execution

Our price quotation and offer for respective projects is at the level of 70 – 75% of the current market prices. Consultancy fee is always quoted as a FIXED fee, payable in 1 retainer. Our partners constantly follow new trends, knowledge, social networks in the field of Human Resources and maintain contacts with leading HR professionals or working directly with them.

Our aim is to be your quick and reliable partner in rapid search and attracting top managers, new board members, and talented specialists with the right competencies.