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Executive Search & Headhunting

Professional search and selection of the company staff, mainly of different top managerial positions, specialists, higher professional managers, members of the board of directors.

Employees Evaluation, Assessment and Staff Development

In collaboration with renowned experts we may organize Assessment Centre, 360 `feedback, Management Audit, Development centre.

Consultancy in the field of Human Resource Development

Optimizing corporate structure in terms of cost and performance.

Search for Interim Managers

Search and placement of the competent interim expert in the field of change management, implementation of a specific projects or bridging a temporary shortage of capacity in the area of senior management positions.


Consultancy and coaching on targeted applications and qualified CV. Active use of the potential and own network contacts, which (due to restructuring or downsizing in companies) dismissed employee holds. Identification of companies that might require specialized knowledge, competences and skills of the candidate. The dynamics of the workplace are changing and companies which demonstrate a Duty of Care will always have a better outcome.

Personal & Leadership Coaching

Our aim is to increase the personal potential of managers or company teams, their more efficient performance and elimination of stress load. Coaching is conducted mainly on an individual (one to one) basis. In the Personal and Leadership Coaching we use the method of “Wellness – Mind – Control“, based on growth through client own courage and will to analyze himself and exceed his own shadow and mental blocks. This method is very similar to cognitive behavioral method of developing personality and it works and brings effect.

All projects in the area of search and headhunting, interim management or outplacement are always carried out on the basis of exclusivity. This will assure you our 100% commitment and quality services at the highest level. You have always guarantee of fixed price (fee) for each project and you know what to budget from the start.  We do not charge any extra costs related to our internal expenses and we are open to share the business risk with our clients.

The Headhunting process scheme

On selected candidates is always given the guarantee of  six, nine or even twelve months, corresponding to the hierarchy or importance of the position in the corporate structure of the client.